United Wagon Plc

ICT Holding Ltd owns 9.5% of United Wagon Company.

United Wagon Company is an integrated rail holding, which develops, manufactures and maintains new generation railcars with improved technical and economic characteristics, and also provides leasing and transportation services.

UWC’s business model, which combines manufacturing, servicing and financial services, is unique for Russia and has already proved its effectiveness in the European Union and the USA, where it worked successfully for Greenbrier and Trinity Rail.

United Wagon Company’s key assets are the Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (TVSZ) and the leasing companies, operating under the RAIL1520 brand.

TVSZ’s current annual production capacity is 22,000 freight railcars and 65,000 wheel sets. The plant also manufactures 90,000 tons of heavy and medium-sized castings per year. Innovative railcars have a higher carrying capacity, longer service life, lower maintenance costs and a separate tariff system for empty runs, which means they have significant economic benefits compared to railcars equipped with standard bogies.

The leasing company RAIL1520 specialises in providing operating leasing and sale leaseback services for freight rolling stock. RAIL1520’s fleet that is leased out to clients comprises gondola cars, tank cars, box cars, hopper cars and special-purpose flat cars for the transportation of timber and high-capacity containers for the chemical and timber industry, metallurgical, coal mining and transport companies.



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