Investment strategy

ICT Holding invests in companies with strong competitive advantages, operating in stable and growing markets.

The companies which ICTH invests in all meet the following criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the business:

  • Control of limited or rare resources; own licences for geological exploration and mining activity, or for frequencies in the telecommunications business.
  • Work in sectors of the economy with low levels of competition and high barriers to entry: mining companies developing rare mineral deposits and that possess rare industrial technology, companies that operate in industrial segments that are characterised by high costs of constructing new production facilities or legal constraints on creating new plants.
  • Have stable cash flow and maintain their leading market position in their respective segments thanks to low production costs and raw materials prices, high performance technology and industry know-how.
  • When selecting investment targets, ICTH evaluates the congruence of the fundamental competitive advantages (low costs, superior product quality compared to competitors) and temporary factors that create business value

The main industries ICTH focuses on in its investments are: finance, non-ferrous metallurgy, heavy engineering, chemical processing, mining and infrastructure and commercial property.


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