Investment strategy

ICT Holding invests in equity securities, investment funds, interest bearing securities, derivatives in international markets, various existing and newly established businesses for the purpose of providing a return to shareholders resulting solely from the capital appreciation, investment income (such as dividends, interest income), or both.

The Holding invests primarily by way of direct equity investment. In case of limitations on equity investment the Holding uses quasi equity financing, i.e. debt financing and equity share options.

Unlike regular private equity funds, ICT Holding does not formally have to divest. So there is no “tied hands” for exit — sale of assets where the market price goes above the asset’s fundamental value.


Investment Guidelines

What we do:

  • constantly seek to further diversify our investments — by sector/region/development stage/etc.;
  • focus on stable regular income;
  • continue to develop current projects and businesses for capitalization growth and subsequent sale;
  • search for investors and strategic partners for not publicly traded or venture investments;
  • prefer mature businesses but leave place for “greenfields” with high growth potential;
  • mostly (but not limited to) work in industries where we have solid track record or deep understanding. Historically our expertise lies in metals and mining, chemicals, financial sector, heavy machinery construction and real estate.

What we do NOT do:

  • not invest without proper due diligence or consultation with experts in the field;
  • not speculate – all our deals have fundamental investment idea;
  • not have material exposure in countries without developed enough financial and legal systems;


  • The Holding aspires as a long-term objective to raise its capitalization through capital gain on its core assets and dividend inflow increase.
  • However, the Holding is open to small-size venture opportunities with exposure up to US$150 mn.