ICT Group announces plans to invest USD 400 mn into rapid growth companies

09.11.2020 |

Today, ICT Group, the parent company of ICT Holding, has announced plans to invest USD 400 million into venture-backed companies.

ICT Group is a European group of companies famous for its direct investments in finance, metals & mining, transport, real estate and industrial development. The capital will be invested into growth stages companies over the next three years, with checks going to Series A and later stage companies.

“Having realized partial exits from several direct investments which will remain the core of our portfolio, ICT now looks at diversification into rapidly developing industry of venture-backed companies. Our focus has always been on the technology-driven businesses with a clearly articulated competitive edge, and we believe that ICT will further implement this investment strategy at scale in the broader range of verticals", said Konstantin Yanakov, ICT Director.

The investment focus will lie in the verticals of Healthcare, Construction and Mobility with the emphasis on the cutting edge enabling technologies.

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