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Incubator behind Polymetal's move to London
02.11.2011 |

The mining group founder talks to Michael Kavanagh about why he has set his sight on the FTSE 100.

Billionaire Alexander Nesis reveals why Polymetal is listing in London
03.07.2011 |

In his first on-the-record interview with the Western media, ICT president and billionaire Alexander Nesis reveals why he is listing in London.

Uralkali, Polymetal Investor to Pay $1 Billion for Railcar Plant
02.12.2010 |

Russian billionaire Alexander Nesis, an investor in OAO Polymetal and OAO Uralkali, plans to spend $1 billion on a railcar-factory project to meet domestic demand for transporting raw materials from mines and smelters.

Russian Billionaire Nesis Says Nomos Bank May Hold IPO in 2011
02.12.2010 |

Russian billionaire Alexander Nesis, a shareholder in precious metals miner OAO Polymetal and potash producer OAO Uralkali, said his Nomos Bank may sell shares to the public next year to help meet domestic demand for financing.

Uralkali Billionaire Says Potash Price Should Rise by $80 a Ton
30.11.2010 |

Alexander Nesis, the billionaire co-owner of Russian fertilizer maker OAO Uralkali, said potash prices should rise by $80 a ton as producers need to develop mines to meet increased demand.

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